Bryant Stibel Value is focused on non-control investments in later stage companies, alongside leading private equity firms. That said, we are not value investors. Rather than investing for value or investing in traditional value businesses, we look for growth companies where a strategic investment, alongside operational support, can drive outstretched results.

To achieve this, Bryant Stibel Value has two primary vehicles for driving success through a hybrid of what we call “value-growth.” Our first vehicle is our flagship Bryant Stibel Value-Growth Platform. The second vehicle is a $1.7B non-control platform in partnership with Permira Advisors through Bryant Stibel Permira Growth Opportunities.

The team is particularly focused on finding value-growth businesses that have a high probability to shift into growth businesses, wherein Stibel & Co.’s Office of the Chairman can add incremental value.


Our value-growth strategy is to find great companies with strong risk adjusted growth potential through structured opportunities. For any number of reasons, the company may not be on a strong growth path but so long as the potential is there, and the team is strong, Bryant Stibel aims to help the business enter a new growth curve.

We tend to look through the lens of something we call a “startup with assets”: a large and substantial core business that can be leveraged from a different perspective. Often this includes revenue model shifts but can also include shifts in product, geography, markets, or other areas where the current business could be leveraged more strongly across a different domain. This always starts with a great team, but often includes indelible brands, great market positions, and a strong business model, all alongside an opportunity to pivot into new markets and models. 


Bryant Stibel formed a strategic relationship with Permira to create a new private equity product focused on non-control investments. Permira is a long-time partner of Bryant Stibel, having partnered together on both LegalZoom and other companies.

Permira is a global private equity firm with a European heritage, focused on five sectors (Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials and Technology) with 14 offices across the US, Europe, and Asia. Since inception, Permira has raised and advised 16 private equity funds, which have, in aggregate, committed capital of approximately €33 billion and have invested in over 250 businesses around the world.

The new $1.7 billion fund and partnership between Bryant Stibel and Permira solves a huge market problem for CEOs: gaining capital without losing control. The companies we partner with often benefit by maintaining majority ownership and other strategic advantages specific to each investment. Focusing on large-scale minority, non-control investments, the new fund is a natural extension of both Bryant Stibel’s and Permira’s growth-oriented strategy.