Bryant Stibel was founded in 2013 to provide strategy, capital, and operational support to businesses with a focus across technology, media, and data. The Bryant Stibel platform is unique in that it combines the creative vision of Kobe Bryant, one of the world’s most well-known and respected sports icons, with Jeff Stibel, a proven market-driven operator and serial entrepreneur, alongside a team of proven public and private company senior management operating partners at Stibel & Co. The team has extensive experience operating technology and data-driven businesses, as well as deploying capital out of its core platforms, Bryant Stibel Growth Equity, Bryant Stibel Ventures and Bryant Stibel Value.

Together, Bryant and Stibel partner with companies looking to unlock value and drive sustainable long-term growth. Stibel & Co.’s Office of the Chairman adds additional value by providing strategic advisory and tactical support to management teams and stakeholders seeking a collaborative and constructive partner.

Along the way, Bryant Stibel has built relationships and helped execute business transformations with a variety of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Here’s what our partners have to say:

“Bryant Stibel is very focused on aligning with the shareholders and with the management team in execution.

They don’t have any conflicting interests – they are there to help. They’re not there to sell, they don’t want credit. They literally are there saying, ‘We don’t need credit, but we do want to add value because we are equity holders.’

And I think that only comes when both the company and our partner are tremendously confident in each other’s capabilities.”

“Bryant Stibel is very operationally focused, meaning that they can add actual value and they’re very much getting engaged with solving transactional and other issues versus acting in a purely advisory capacity.

While other firms tend to act more in an advisory capacity, Bryant Stibel can provide advice while also leveraging their network of contacts to actually deliver changes and operational results for you at your request. That’s been a huge difference.”

Bryant Stibel’s philosophy of serving the CEO allows for a powerful partnership to deliver value. I conducted my own diligence on what it was like working with this team and it all came back incredibly positive.

They’ve exceeded expectations in the short time they’ve been involved at Tile. It’s amazing to have them in your corner.


Bryant Stibel offers a diverse blend of operational expertise…

 “In terms of team, I think they have some of the strongest team members for any investment or consultant firm. 

They really understand their domain. They understand SAAS, they understand ecommerce, they understand brand. 

They are a wealth of knowledge.”

This team understands the unique challenges and mindset of their entrepreneurs because they have been in their shoes…

“I think the fact that I can drop my guard and truly feel like I have not one but several mentors within the Bryant Stibel family to really run my ideas by and to hear some of their ideas is always hugely helpful because when you walk into a board meeting, you have different stakeholders who have different agendas and the ability to truly feel like you have somebody on your side, no matter what, is gold.”

Bryant Stibel helps businesses by incorporating consumer behavior and brain science…

“They really understand internet businesses. They understand the economics of internet, customer acquisition through the funnel, the unit economics and how that works, the whole concept of lifetime value, customer acquisition costs – that’s a really critical piece in our business and I think the fact that they really get that back to front is very important.

I can also see some remnants of brain science insights being imparted to the Bryant Stibel strategies and execution from the customers’ perspective – on how our customers think about us as a product, how customers think about pricing, and our marketing in general.”


Bryant Stibel strives to share success and experience across their network…

“The thing that Bryant Stibel has been the most influential with is they have been very open with making introductions and really stretching their network to connect us.”

“They’ve been incredibly helpful in terms of helping to build our team, bringing in our partners from the Athletic partners to Content partners, and so we’re incredibly thankful for them to be our partners at Art of Sport.”

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry.