The Office of the Chairman platform is premised on the belief that while capital plays an important part in the investment process, strategic and operational guidance can be even more valuable.

Through the Office of the Chairman, Stibel & Co. works alongside executive teams to align with management, board members, and investors to gain deeper operational insight and help accelerate growth opportunities.

The Stibel team has worked together for many years across all dimensions of business, leveraging its collective depth of experience to create a tactical strategy for driving business transformation.

Together, the team has established, invested, and led numerous large enterprises that have generated significant investor returns. We have leveraged this experience to build a platform to help other operators transform and grow their businesses.

“What has been most impressive with this group is the fact that they’ve created this Office of the Chairman role. With their organization, they bring a cross-functional expertise as it pertains to our business, based on the different experiences that each of the leaders within their organization have had. The Honest Company has certainly benefitted from being in a position to have operators with different backgrounds within our business available to sit down with as a group and discuss issues and opportunities or how we’ll scale a specific part of the business. They really take a very collaborative approach in being able to do that successfully.

I would say that the Office of the Chairman provides ‘thought partners’ that are able to pressure test ideas, get insight, develop your plans and make things a little bit better within your organization.”


Our unique methodologies are informed by the collective expertise of our team, composed of seasoned C-suite execs, startup founders and entrepreneurs from all walks of business life.

We have generalized a model based on our diverse experience to help our partners achieve success. This innovative blend of strategy, applied science, and brainpower backed by data, expertly informs how we approach all of our partners, providing customized support that is nimble, non-intrusive and based on a collaborative vision that achieves their goals for long-term longevity.


Our collective team has pioneered this innovative shift in business growth by combining data, consumer psychology, and applied brain science. We engage that interdisciplinary insight in the context of commerce and apply that to understanding the mindset of consumers.

We have expertise in uncovering long-term consumer patterns and turning data into knowledge. We employ a “test and learn” approach to launching new business initiatives and model behavior, allowing us to generate valuable customer data and propose directly informed recommendations.

“I can see some remnants of Jeff’s brain science insights being passed on to the team’s strategies and execution in terms of how our customers’ perspectives. Meaning how our customers think about us as a product, how customers think about pricing, and overall marketing strategy. Jeff imparts that knowledge and insight bit by bit without really making it all theoretical or scientific – he does it discreetly, just for our team to grasp those concepts, which is interesting to me.”



Our team has developed a three-tiered execution strategy for growing businesses: stabilization, diversification, and growth.

This program aims to stabilize the company’s core underlying model, diversify revenue
to reduce risk, and position the company for accelerated growth.

“I think they bring a very interesting combination of the ability to look strategically at a business, understand where the value drivers and competitive differentiators are, but also operationalize that into very clear action plans; and then to be able to drive those action plans and make sure that they’re able to deliver results along the way. I think that, in particular, they do that where they’re able to bring a framework – they’ve been able to do it across a number of different industries, a number of different businesses, focused on different segments.

The formula that they bring of “stabilize, diversify, and grow” was something that I was able to see them bring to life and actually something I use in my own experiences now as well.”



The Stibel team is highly experienced in operating, growing, and selling SaaS businesses.

We implement the Barbell Strategy to both consumer and B2B subscription services, to deliver price-to-value positioning that is aligned with customer needs at all stages of the customer’s lifecycle.

We know value creation comes from
enhancing customer value.

Core areas of expertise include:

  • Finding opportunities for recurring revenue or subscription businesses

  • Pricing and packaging optimization

  • Microsegmentation

  • Leveraging deep data analytics to achieve long-term growth

“I think the first thing that they do is take a really hard look at whether there are services that are being provided in the business that are either commodities or something that really is not valued as highly by the buyers as it once was – so that it’s overpriced – and they look at those factors to see if there’s an opportunity for a “Freemium” offering where they can deploy against what they refer to as their “Barbell Strategy.” With the Barbell Strategy, they can move up and down a demand curve to see where there are opportunities for differentiation through offering new services or new capabilities. They’re also able to look at the things that are the anchor that cause a business to have a strong relationship with a particular client – use those as “Freemium” services – to get the clients in the door.”



Listening and learning from the people and businesses with whom we work

Building highly trusted and long-term relationships

Being transparent, approachable, and flexible

Working to solve problems in new, creative ways

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