Given the current state of business affairs, the team at Stibel & Co would like to extend our operating guidance typically reserved for our Office of the Chairman engagements to all entrepreneurs, CEOs, and small business owners in need of strategic and operational guidance during these difficult times.

The Stibel & Co team is hosting live, free Q&As throughout the next few months. We will select up to 4 business CEOs to participate in each virtual forum, with all other attendees on listen-only mode. Registration is required. Upon confirmation, you will receive further instructions and guidelines for participation.

We ask that you prepare your questions in advance and keep them limited to macro-economic, tactical, and strategic issues that are affecting your business.

We want to respect everyone’s time during this crisis and are hoping everyone will do their best to focus on business issues as opposed to rumors, gossip, speculation, or things not directly relevant to your business. While we are often eager to tell our story, this is not the right time or forum; we are here to help you if we can. Given that, we want to outline a few things that this forum is not for and what will not be productive to discuss: funding from Bryant Stibel or Stibel & Co. (please use our traditional routes for this); learning more about our business (information is available on our website); issues that are intractable; health matters; and other items that may be important but will not be productive to discuss on a group call focused on helping your business survive and thrive.

Most importantly, we hope that you, your family and your employees remain healthy and safe.

Together, We Can Do This!


The Office of the Chairman platform is premised on the belief that while capital plays an important part in the investment process, strategic and operational guidance can be even more valuable.

Through the Office of the Chairman, Stibel & Co. works alongside executive teams to align with management, board members, and investors to gain deeper operational insight and help accelerate growth opportunities.

The Stibel team has worked together for many years across all dimensions of business, leveraging its collective depth of experience to create a tactical strategy for driving business transformation.

Together, the team has established, invested, and led numerous large enterprises that have generated significant investor returns. We have leveraged this experience to build a platform to help other operators transform and grow their businesses.